What is a BPM ID?

A BPM ID is your main email and password to login to all BPM Music apps.

With a BPM ID, you will be able to access to BPM Create, BPM Supreme as well as other services available in the future!

Payments made on BPM Supreme do not cover BPM Create subscriptions. Each service requires its own subscription.

Please see below for more details on how your account has been updated.

If you previously had a BPM Supreme or BPM Create account with the same email, you will be able to log into BPM Supreme and BPM Create with the password associated with your BPM Supreme account. 

If you previously ONLY had a BPM Supreme account, you will now be able to log in and view BPM Supreme and BPM Create with your BPM Supreme email and password (BPM ID)


*Access is based on current active subscriptions for each platform. A Limited Preview Access will be given to all BPM IDs which does not currently have an active subscription associated with the platform they are accessing.

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